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Our company
Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek has been bending for 85 years

Van der Hoorn buigtechniek.

Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek has been a reliable supply partner for bent and rolled pipes since as early as 1936. Every day, we provide our clients with bent and rolled pipes for a variety of applications.

With over 80 years of experience, our knowledge of pipe bending is unrivalled. In our family company, now run by the 3rd generation, quality is the top priority. We are proud of our experienced team that, using the latest machines, manufactures a variety of products to the very highest standards every day. On top of that, Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

“Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek: a real specialist in pipe bending and rolling thanks to years of experience”

Bending technique

CNC rolling and bending
Buigtechniek frezen.


Turning, milling and more
Spoeling van metalen buizen in een cleanroom met demi-water.

Cleanroom cleaning and packaging

Surface Grade 4